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I imagine that some people are probably asking themselves, who the hell is this giggling maniac who's a massive pain?

Prak Jaws is an Uruk Captain that turned up in Tear of Grace's playthrough of Shadow of Mordor and had become what can be considered his most prolific nemesis in the game having chased him all over Mordor and beating him more than 60 times, with thirteen defeats.

It also bears noting that out of all those many many defeats Prak made ToG suffer, aside from one incident Prak ALWAYS walked away (even if he suddenly reappears mere seconds later to enact yet another beatdown).

Here's essentially a collection of all of Prak's greatest moments. Though I do recommend watching ToG's Shadow of Mordor playthrough to gain a full understanding of how much Prak is suffering incarnate.

Prak's In game Nemesis Traits include:
Humiliator - More often than not, leaves opponent alive
Tracker - Will track down targets no matter how far they run
Monster Slayer - Does extra damage against monsters
Fearless - Has no fears that can be taken advantage of
Immunity to Ranged - Ranged attacks do no damage
Immunity to Sneak Attacks - Prak cannot be hit with sneak attacks and will automatically counter them
Hate of Burns - Prak gains offensive buffs when burned.

For the sake of roleplay and making things interesting Prak will not outright no sell ranged attacks and sneak attacks do stand a chance of landing. But at the same time he still will be a pain in the ass for your characters to fight and will be meant as a challenge for you to get creative with your combat based roleplay. I hope you have fun.


Prak Jaws

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